Audi AMI (Audi Music Interface)

The ultimate factory option we think....Our lives are surrounded by music, so why not enjoy on the move. Simple and safe to use, you can easily browse your complete music collection from the driving seat!


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Offering the ultimate in ease for accessing and listening to your music through the existing sound system, the Audi Music Interface (AMI) gives you the option of connecting your Apple™ iPod, iPad or iPhone or USB storage device. You can gain full access and control of a connected iPod via the Driver Information System (where present) allowing you to navigate between artists, albums, tracks, playlists and more or to navigate the file structure on USB devices.

Navigation is via the Multi Media Interface (MMI) display. Please see the compatibility section to confirm that this will work with your model of Audi.

The connection cables are handily stored in the glove box meaning that your media device is hidden away and safely stowed.



  • Original Audi interface for connecting Apple™ iPods, iPhones, iPads and USB flash or portable hard disk drives.
  • Provides complete control of an attached Apple™ iPod, iPhone, iPad.
  • Allows navigation of file structure on a USB storage device.
  • Displayed on the vehicle’s MMI display on the dash.
  • Integration with the Multi-function Steering Wheel (where present).
  • View track names, track duration, albums, artists, playlists and favourites on the MMI display.



Top Features:

  • Connects to Apple™ iPods, iPhones and iPads with a dock connector.
  • Complete integration with the vehicle’s MMI controls.
  • Change tracks with buttons on the multi function steering wheel (where fitted).
  • Navigate through music on the iPod using tracks, artists, albums or playlist.
  • Appears as a new source for the vehicle’s multimedia input.
  • Uses the vehicle’s speakers for music output.
  • Pauses the iPod or USB stored music when a different audio source is selected.
  • Music is muted and paused during an incoming telephone call (if Bluetooth™ interface is present in the car).
  • An optional cable is available to connect USB storage devices like pen drives or portable hard disk drives.
  • Plays music stored as mp3 or unprotected WMA formats on USB storage devices.
  • Navigation of file structure on USB storage devices for folder or track searching.
  • Installed in the glove box for safety and security of your Apple™ iPod or USB storage device.
  • Original Audi part.
  • 3 year parts and labour warranty.

Car Compatability:

  • A3*
  • TT (8J)*
  • A4 (B7)*
  • A4 (B8)
  • A5
  • Q5
  • A6
  • Q7
  • R8*

*Audi RNS-E High Res Navigation must be installed. (MEDIA) button must be present


iPod Compatability:

  • 3rd Generation Apple™ iPod Classic onwards.
  • 1st Generation Apple™ iPod nano onwards.
  • Apple™ iPod Touch.
  • All Apple™ iPhones.
  • Apple™ iPad 1 & 2.

Apple™ iPod Mini and Shuffles are not supported.

  • Audi A3, A4 (B7), TT and R8 must have the new high-resolution Audi Navigation Plus RNS-E system installed. AMI does not work with the Concert radio.
  • All cars must have a Media button on the MMI Console or Navigation unit.
  • This equipment will need to be coded to your vehicle to ensure it works correctly. Please visit your local Audi Dealer or Audi Specalist if you do not have acces to the required coding equipment.

  • Older A6 and Q7s with the red monochrome MMI display cannot have original Audi AMI installed but other options are available. Please contact us so we can advise you.
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