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Comfort & Insulation Pack



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Upgrade Your VW Transporter or Caddy Van With our 3 Stage Insulation Process To Keep Your Vehicle Cool In The Summer and Warm In The Winter. read more


Upgrade Your VW Transporter or Caddy Van With our 3 Stage Insulation Process To Keep Your Vehicle Cool In The Summer and Warm In The Winter. read more
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Comfort & Insulation Pack

Help take the interior of your vehicle to the next stage with our 3 Stage Insulation which builds on the “Interior Comfort Lining” Package. This insulation helps keep the van cool in the summer and warm in the winter whilst helping with sound absorption and preventing / reducing moisture and condensation which normally builds on cold metal panels.

This will seriously add to the comfort of the vehicle during the day or night.

All of the materials used in this package confirm to British Standards and are Flame Retardant.

As part of this pack we’re also able to install (Or Upgrade) your Ceiling to an Alcantara / Suede Effect rather than the standard OEM Light Grey Headlining Cloth to really add to the comfort of the vehicle.


Firstly we start off with Lining the Floor with a Superior Gold Underfloor Insulation. Designed for the Motorhome Market it’s one of the best products for insulating the vehicle underneath your flooring. It’s a 5mm system that not only will act as a great barrier for heat and cold but also massively reduce the road noise.

Ceiling, Sides and Side-Doors

This builds on top of the Sound-Deadening already in the van or can just be applied straight on it’s own. We start by installing a Thermo Liner which is a high grade foil lined closed cell foam which is a 7mm sound and heat insulation material.

It starts with working as a Vapor Barrier to firstly prevent moisture into the vehicle. It then helps to control the temperature within the vehicle to keep it the most comfortable. Due to it’s thickness it also improves with sound deadening the vehicle

The last stage is to lay a Thermo Fleece to fill out the gaps between the panels to massively improve overall insulation and to reduce airborne sound.  It’s made with 100% recycled polyester which means that it won’t absorb moisture or support mould growth which can be apparent in other insulations.

Alcantara Headlining

Whilst this doesn’t help with any type of comfort in terms of heat or noise barrier it will transform the look of your vehicle inside especially when combined with our LED Lighting. Make your van truly special.

This is a custom service that we will endeavour to make as unique to yourself as possible. We’ll go through all the different options with you to discuss what works and looks the best for your vehicle.

For this service we will need your vehicle at our HQ down here in Poole for a minimum of 2 to 3 days. We will confirm timescales when we discuss your conversion with you. Whilst you’re with us, please take a quick read on “What to do whilst you’re here”.

Please Note:

  • If you are adding this as part of the Interior Comfort Package then we will not lay Silent Coat on the Flooring due to space restrictions.
  • If you chose the Alcantara Headlining this will be for the Rear of the vehicle only and will replace the existing headlining cloth.

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