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Interior Comfort Lining


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  • VW_Transporter_Conversion_ComfortLining


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Transform Your Volkswagen Transporter Or Caddy Into a Premium Vehicle. Rear Carpet & Roof Lining. Sound Deadening. Altro Flooring and Premium LED Spotlight read more

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£ 2495


Interior Comfort Lining

If you have just purchased your Volkswagen Transporter or Caddy Van and it’s a standard Panel or Kombi Van it will seem a bit basic and a bit commercial. A lot of owners nowadays want these bigger vehicles but still want to feel like they are driving a normal vehicle.

As a VAG (Audi & VW) Approved Specialist we offer a Premium service that uses only the very best in lining materials to fully carpet, line and sound deaden the rear of your van. Once this has been done we’ll then install a 6 LED Lighting System to keep you fully illuminated when needed.

Once completed it will make your vehicle look premium and sound better whilst driving.

Please note that due to every vehicle being different, the price of £2495 is a Guide Only Price. The exact price will be worked out based on your specific vehicle.

Roof & Carpet Lining

Firstly we start off with stripping the rear of the vehicle and ensuring that all metal and panel work is clean and prepared ready for Sound Deadening and Carpeting to ensure a perfect adhesion.

Once this is done we use a High Quality “Hi-Flex” Velour carpet lining which is an Automotive Specific Fabric. It’s available in Black, Anthracite or Light Grey to line your existing panels and metal work of your vehicle. This means that minimum cuts and joins are needed to give you the highest professional finish. The panels are lined separately to allow for easy access to remove them in the future if needed.

The Roof panels are then lined with a high quality Headlining Cloth to match the front roof panels to give it that final OEM Look and High Quality Finish. If required this can be changed to the same type of carpet that you’re having installed on your metal work and panels.

If you don’t have any panels or require replacements see our “Ply Lining Pack

Sound Deadening

The main reason we offer this as standard is because most people want the van to sound less like a van and more like a normal every day car to get rid of those annoying rattles, road noise and vibrations whilst driving to dramatically improve the sound of your van interior. From our research this is what most people want rather than just insulation. It also makes it a much better sounding environment for your audio.

As standard we fully cover 70% of the rear of the vehicle with Silent Coat 2mm Sound-Deadening which absorbs structural vibration into low-level heat. We cover the Floor, Side Panels, Wheel Arches, Doors and Roofs as part of this process. If required we can also do the front end of the cab, please check out the “Sound Deadening Pack” for more info.

If you would also like Insulation to keep the van warmer in the Winter and Cooler in the Summer then please see our “Comfort & Insulation Pack

Altro Flooring

This is a very popular and very hard-wearing floor that allows you to personalise the interior of your vehicle with a range of different colours and styles whilst making it extremely safe. We only use this type of flooring as its Slip Resistant and is non-abrasive. It’s also super easy to wipe and clean down.

Please Note that you will need a 12mm Ply Floor that the Altro Flooring will be bonded to. If you don’t have this then we’ll need to add this in so please make sure you let us know as this cost will need to be included.

On some vehicles we may have to install the Kombi Raised Step to account for the extra height of the new flooring (This will be an additional cost).

LED Spot Lighting

To finish the conversion off we will install 6 LED Spotlights into the ceiling of your van to give you a nice cool white light that is operated from a single specific switch.

The LEDs themselves have a built in diffuser to give you a premium ambient light that really finishes the vehicle off. The switch itself is a specific Campervan switch rather than just a plastic rocker switch and can be mounted where it will be most effective for you. Either by your rear doors or sliding door.

YouTube Video

Marketing Video for T6 Conversion Product Line (Please note some options shown in the video above are not included with this package)

Installed into a VW Transporter T6 (Please note some options shown in the video above are not included with this package)

Installed into a VW Caddy Maxi 

This is a custom service that we will endeavour to make as unique to yourself as possible. We’ll go through all the different options with you to discuss what works and looks the best for your vehicle.

For this service we will need your vehicle at our HQ down here in Poole for a minimum of 2 to 3 days. We will confirm timescales when we discuss your conversion with you. Whilst you’re with us, please take a quick read on “What to do whilst you’re here”.

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