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DAB Digital Radio Antenna

Internal glass mounted digital strip antenna for DAB radio, female SMB connector 1.5 metre cable, neat covert design

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Made by Kenwood & JVC, these very handy internal glass mounted antennas look good and work really well if you don’t want an ugly external antenna waiting to get snapped off!

They stick neatly to the inside top corner of the front windscreen and are barely noticeable once fitted. They have a quality Earth / Ground connection that sticks onto the painted metal part of the vehicle (no preparation necessary). Simply run the cable down to the digital radio or the hideaway box and connect.

We have used these in many factory and aftermarket applications and haven’t been let down yet!

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This antenna will work with the majority of factory and aftermarket digital radio (DAB) systems available on the market. 
Transparent whip sticks onto chosen glass area.
Earthing strip sticks onto A pillar or other similar metal part of the vehicle (clean surface)(can be stuck directly onto painted surface)
Cables run neatly and safely down through to radio area being careful to avoid airbags or other such safety systems
Plugs directly into the back of the radio or the hideaway DAB interface. 
No independent power cables need to be connected.