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Stinger Roadkill RKFR6 FAST Rings

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Stinger Roadkill RKFR6 FAST Rings

Stinger’s Roadkill FAST Rings RKFR6 kit consists of six pieces of self-adhesive foam. Two center pads, two inner rings, and two outer rings. These install on the speaker frame and behind the speaker, minimizing resonances and improving mid-bass response.

The center pad mounts behind the speaker to absorb reflections from hard surfaces inside the car door or most other locations. The inner ring serves as a gasket for mounting the speaker to the metal surface. The outer ring mounts just outside the surround at the outer edge of the speaker, to couple the speaker to the door panel opening.

Stinger’s Roadkill FAST Rings isolate the speaker from the mounting surface and the factory door panel to help eliminate unwanted vibration and noise from the door panels, while increasing midbass response. You’ll have to trim FAST Rings for proper fit.

Top Features:

  • Kit includes two center pads, two inner rings, and two outer rings
  • Designed for 6″, 6-1/2″, or 6-3/4″ car speakers
  • Foam baffles cut down on unwanted resonance
  • Self-adhesive foam simplifies installation
  • Increases midbass
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