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Alpine R-S65.2 – Type R Coaxial Speakers

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Alpine R-S65.2 – Type R Coaxial Speakers – 2-Way & 16.5cm

You’ll enjoy a center sound stage with speakers that play loud and clear without distortion. The R-Series speakers are tuned with emphasis on the high- and low-end frequencies, so they deliver power while naturally producing bright, active sound.

These are the latest generation of R-Series speakers: engineered to deliver high bass power while maintaining extreme sound clarity. The R-Series speakers include both component and coaxial models, both of which are highly efficient and provide good installability in a wide range of vehicles.

Currently we are installing a lot of these into the VW Transporter and Mercedes Vito for Rear Audio and combining them with the Type-R Front Components for that truly awesome all round sound quality.

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Top Features:

HAMR Surround
The High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) surround allows a maximum, linear cone excursion for high SPL, while maintaining full control over the diaphragm at any excursion stage for high sound clarity.

Great Installability
Alpine uses high-power neodymium magnets for the new R-Series speakers. This means the magnet can be much smaller compared to traditional speaker designs, allowing for a much lower mounting depth and overall space requirement inside the car door.

Outstanding Clarity
The new voice coil is made of Aluminium, compared to regular copper wire coils. Alpine increased the voice-coil diameter from 30mm to 35mm in the 2nd generation R-Series: the benefit is higher clarity especially in the mid-high frequency area and a more powerful bass reproduction.

Swivel Tweeter
Both component and coaxial models feature a ring tweeter that swivels to improve off-axis response in less-than-ideal locations. You can aim it by hand for best imaging and staging at your listening position. The component type tweeter (R-S65C only) can be installed in flush-mount or on-dash configuration – all installation adapters are included.

Included Mesh Grill
There is an metal mesh grill included to protect the woofer in open installations.

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