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Volkswagen Bluetooth

Original Volkswagen Bluetooth system for RNS & RCD Stereo units with multi function steering wheel or Trip Computer

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The Volkswagen Bluetooth™ Interface lets you wirelessly connect your mobile telephone using Bluetooth™ to make and receive calls without you having to touch your phone. Using a mobile phone whilst driving is not only dangerous and distracting but police forces across the country are becoming increasingly vigilant about stopping and fining drivers caught using their phones behind the wheel. This system helps you to stay safe and avoid losing money with hefty fines.

You can use the buttons on your Multi Function Steering Wheel and/or radio navigation to control the phone remotely from where it is safely stored in your bag or pocket. It will display numbers from your phone either on the Driver Information Screen and/or touch-screen radio, radio navigation unit. From here, you can access numbers from your phone book to make calls and see received missed or dialed calls. The system will mute the audio system when you receive a call and you will hear your caller through your car speaker system.


  • Simple and intuitive controls.
  • Uses the industry standard Bluetooth™ wireless connection.
  • Automatic Bluetooth™ pairing – makes connecting simple and fast.
  • Integrates with the vehicle’s Multi Function Steering Wheel (MFSW) controls.
  • Dialling from phone book, received, missed, dialled calls from the MFSW.
  • Answer or reject calls from the Multi Function Steering Wheel with just the press of one button.
  • Integration with the vehicle’s touch-screen radio or radio-navigation system controls.
  • Radio/CD audio is muted during an incoming telephone call.
  • Plays music via Bluetooth™ using A2DP if supported by the mobile telephone.
  • Integrated microphone.
  • Original Volkswagen part.

Please Note

  • Once installed, this system will need coding to your vehicle using VCDS or something similar
  • We now offer the Volkswagen Bluetooth Foam Insert that allows you to retrofit your Bluetooth Module in the OEM position of under your seat! You can check it out by Clicking Here
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If the car does not have a Multi Function Steering Wheel then a touch-screen radio or radio navigation system must be installed, otherwise there will be no controls to operate the Bluetooth™ interface.
This system is only suitable for vehicles that have White text between the speedo and revcounter and non-round steering wheel buttons
If you have Red Text or Round Buttons then please get in touch
Certain functions may not work correctly such as A2DP or Voice Control (If supported) if the VW Headunit is running old software / firmware.

Compatible Headunits steering wheel buttons.

Volkswagen RCD 310
Volkswagen RCD 510 Radio
Volkswagen RCD 510 DAB
Volkswagen RNS 510 Navigation

Please Note: If your vehicle currently has an RCDC 510 DAB Installed then there can be issues with your phonebook going across. This is due to a bug in the VW platform that exists when you retrofit VW Bluetooth with this headunit. The kit will however still function as normal and also show Missed / Received / Dialled calls on the main screen. If you have a DIS and Multi-Function Steering wheel then the Phonebook will show in there as normal. This bug just affects the main screen.
If you are in the situation above then we recommend fitting the VW Basic Plus by Fiscon. Once installed you will need to get the vehicle coded by a VW independent or using VCDS / VAG-COM.