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Thinkware Hardwire Park Cable

Allows for Park Mode on the Thinkware F750.

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The Thinkware Hardwire Cable was designed specifically for your Thinkware F750 DashCam. The F750 has it’s own built in battery monitor and this cabling allows for this feature by tapping into your vehicle’s LIVE, IGNITION and GROUND connections. It also allows for a very neat behind the scenes installation.

The Hardwire kit enables your F750 to keep an eye on your vehicle and help keep it safe by watching what happens when you aren’t around. When you turn off your vehicle your camera will enter “Parking Mode” after 10 minutes and will then immediately start recording when any motion is detected or if your vehicle is moved or knocked.

This system will automatically cut off the power to your camera when the vehicle voltage drops below the threshold voltage setting.

Please Note: Parking mode on any dashcam is not bomb-proof. It will only work as long as your vehicle’s battery can support it. Parking on a busy main road compared to a quiet road will mean the Parking Mode doesn’t stay as active as long. It’s a great feature but please don’t rely on it 100%!

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This device will require hard-wiring into your vehicle's ignition, power and ground supply.
Professional Installation is recommended, but a competent person can install this product.