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Alpine EZi-DAB

Digital radio interface (DAB), ability to connect your iPod, iPhone, iPad, USB or MP3 player, play & pause, rewind & fast-forward, active antenna

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The Alpine EZi-DAB connects to your existing car stereo, providing outstanding digital radio reception as well as the ability to connect and control iPod, iPhone, iPad or compatible USB devices, even has a jack for MP3 players. It can easily be fitted to almost every existing car stereo, and is designed to keep in-car clutter to a minimum. It contains a small but stylish controller with display, which can be installed onto your vehicle dash, a hide-away box and a discreet antenna. EZi-DAB works with DAB / DAB+ and DMBR standards.

Forecourt pause:

  • Forecourt pause helps you take control of your audio content and not miss a thing – even when you’re listening to digital radio – and has been designed for instances when you need to leave your vehicle and return again in a relatively short space of time, such as when you are visiting a petrol station or cash point. How does it work? When you take the keys out of your vehicle EZi-DAB will still receive power for around 15 minutes. In that period it sits in a “suspended” state (display off), meaning it is powered up but not actually playing any audio (this is best thought of as being like a low power mode: it won’t drain the battery). When you return to your vehicle and restart the ignition (within the 15 minute window), EZi-DAB will immediately switch back on and start playing again in one of the following ways:
  • If you were listening to an iPod track it will resume where it left off (the point when you last heard audio).
  • If you were listening to a digital radio station it will start to play live radio again.
  • You can also pause the digital radio broadcast for up to 8 minutes, so you can fill up with fuel, go and pay, get back in the car and continue listening where you left off.

Picnic mode:

  • Picnic mode is perfect for when you have parked in an idyllic country spot and want a bite to eat outside but within range of your vehicle and would like to have some background music. So with the ignition turned off and the keys removed, you throw open the doors and turn EZi-DAB back on and listen to whatever you want to. After an hour EZi-DAB will automatically shut down ensuring that you never drain the battery on your vehicle.
  • Note: both forecourt pause and picnic mode are subject to different vehicle specifications. For example some vehicles will only supply power to the main car stereo for 15 minutes with the ignition off and the keys out.
Weight 1 kg

Box contents:

1 x Gloss black display with lead
1 x display mount
1 x Control unit
1 x ISO wiring loom
1 x 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack extension
1 x Twin audio phono’s to 3.5mm jack extension
1 x USB male to female extension