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Dension DAB+U

Dension DAB+U Retrofit for vehicles with Factory USB Port

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The Dension DAB+U is a product that has remained fairly under the radar until recent months when we did some testing in some Audi & Mercedes vehicles that couldn’t have factory DAB retrofitted but did have the USB either via AMI or Mercedes Input. It literally blew us away on how good it worked and that the car interacted with it as if it was factory equipment.

The Dension DAB+U Digital Radio Receiver is a USB powered solution for receiving DAB in your car. It does this by plugging directly into your USB port and pretending it’s just an USB Flash Drive with folders and music. Using your factory controls you can move and scroll to different stations, receive Radio text and more. It’s a pretty nifty solution for those cars that can’t have Digital Radio the way the factory intended it to.

Top Features:

  • Premium sound quality without jarring
  • Fully integrated in the car interior
  • DAB, DAB+ and DMB-R standards are supported
  • Station following service
  • SMB antenna connector
  • Works with non-amplified and active antennas
  • Connects to a standard USB port, powered from USB
  • Automatic Buffer Size Assessment (ABSA)
  • Easy browsing – DAB stations appear as virtual mp3 files
  • Connector port enables you to use your USB connection without unplugging the DAB+U (optional accessory & dependent on vehicle)
  • Fully integrated Wired solution for better sound quality (not an FM transmitter)

Watch some of our videos of this product installed into various platforms that have a USB Input:

Audi A3 8V with AMI Installed

Audi A6 with AMI Installed

Smart 453 ForTwo with TomTom Smart Media Installed

Porsche with PCM 3.1 Installed


Please Note:

  • We have two tiers of installation depending on the vehicle. Please get in touch directly prior to purchase to check compatibility. 
  • Unlike others, we include the Digital Radio Antenna as part of the kit
  • In some larger vehicles you will need a Male to Female USB Extension Cable. This is an optional extra so please let us know. You can either purchase your own or we can arrange for one.
  • In vehicles with a heated or athermic (UV resistant) windscreen a Screen Mount Antenna is not suitable. Please contact us for more info.
  • Your vehicle must have a USB Port installed for this to work. For example this would be Audi AMI (With USB) or Volkswagen MDI (With USB)
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This DAB module will only work with either the Dension Gateway Pro or Gateway 500S systems.