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Roof Mount BeeSting DAB / FM Antenna

Great quality and OEM Style DAB / FM Antenna. Near-perfect reception.

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We are all about quality here and we hope our products reflect our passion. It’s a body mounted aerial which is designed to give you super-duper Digital Radio Broadcasts for DAB, DAB+, DMB-A and even L-Band. It’s also pretty nifty at picking up FM / AM signal.

We’ve fitted quite a few of these antennas so far and have been really impressed by both it’s quality of receiving signal and also it’s looks. Very popular for the Volkswagen owners out there, especially T5 Owners! It can either be a direct replacement for your current factory antenna or if you don’t even have one fitted.

Now normally you can only purchase the antenna on it’s own with none of the “extras” that you didn’t know that you needed so we’ve created a handy pack which should give you everything you need all in one hit.

This antenna features a Male SMB connector along with a separate FM / AM connector.

Please Note:

  • As every DAB / FM System out there is different you may need an additional adaptor to convert it to your specific equipment. Our pack does not always cater for this but if you need something specific we can help you out with getting the correct adaptors! Get in touch for more info!
Weight 1 kg

The main antenna includes:

1 x Base Assembly
1 x Mast 230mm
1 x Base Gasket 44mm x 58mm elliptical
1 x Plastic Washer (For 19mm round hole)
1 x Rubber O Ring (For 14.8mm square hole)
1 x Clamo Nut

The rest of the pack includes:

1 x FM/AM aerial cable – 5.25 Metres
1 x DAB cable – 5 Metres

Please Note:

Professional Installation is recommended and can be carried out at our workshop based in Poole.
If you do not currently have a roof antenna and are looking to install it yourself it is recommended that you purchase a cone cutter to allow for the diameter of the hole
It is recommended that you remove the top part of the antenna if going through a car wash.