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Wi2U Car Hotspot – In Car Wifi

Allow up to 8 devices to connect to the internet with up to 7.2mb download speeds!

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In this day in age it has become more and more necessary to stay connected whilst on the move! This amazing piece of kit allows you to do just that. With the ability to pair up to 8 devices at the same time! Laptops, iPods, smartphones and even tablets can make use of the Wi2U

Whether it’s to keep the kids entertained by keeping them online or for allowing business professionals / passengers to stay connected to their business world.

Get online and stay online with this super fast hotspot thanks to HSPDA which can allow for up to 7.2mb download speeds (This is of course dependent on your network and location).

The Wi2U can be easily installed thanks to its convenient cigarette lighter adaptor or you can have it professionaly hard wired in a discreet location!

Remember – You will need to have a seperate SIM card with an appropriate Data package! This kit does not include this.

The Wi2U Car Hotspot features:

  • Mobile internet via GSM, UMTS and HSPA (SIM card is required)
  • WLAN access for up to eight users
  • Secure access to the company network via VPN
  • Reliable VoIP calls, e.g. with Skype
  • Access to local GPS services
  • Theft protection feature via GPS
  • UMTS powerful window mount antenna
  • Power supply optional via cigarette lighter or the car’s own power system
  • Simple firmware update via the internet
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The Wi2U does not come with a SIM card that allows for network access. 
You will need to purchase a compatible sim card from your preferred network
It is advisable to select an "unlimited data" plan to prevent costly mobile bills