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Volkswagen Optical Parking System

Volkswagen Front & Rear Optical & Acoustic Parking System

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The VW Parking Systems Plus is an Acoustic and Optical Parking System consisting of up to 8 Parking Sensors, providing front or rear assistance when parking the car. As soon as the distance to an obstacle at the front or rear is closer than a preset minimum, an audible tone as well as a graphical illustration on the MMI Screen provides a warning. The closer you get to an obstacle the faster the tone sounds until you’re less than 25cm away, where the tone becomes continuous. The system is activated when reverse gear is engaged or manually by pressing the *parking switch. (*Front sensors only)


  • Flush mounted ultrasonic parking sensors.
  • Graphical display of the car on the MMI Screen.
  • Operates and looks exactly as factory ordered system.
  • Colour coded to your car using original paints.
  • Original Volkswagen parts.

Please note

The price listed is just a guide. Every car is different and requires different parts and (or) modules. If you would like this product installed in your vehicle then please get in touch with us directly to discuss costs. Please remember to provide us with your chassis number. This can be found at the front of your vehicle under your passenger side wiper in a small window.

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For Factory Equipment your vehicle will require a radio or radio navigation system display capable of showing the visual sensor information.
There is a full colour coded Aftermarket kit available for the complete range. Please enquire for more details