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Pioneer VREC-DH200 DashCam

The Pioneer VREC-DH200 Is A Discreet & Ultra-Compact Front Dash Camera. It Offers Front Recording, Security Mode, GPS, Wi-Fi & Gesture Based Recording

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Pioneer VREC-DH200 DashCam

Pioneer’s VREC-DH200 is an Ultra Compact 1-Channel Full HD Dash Camera consisting of a front camera that mounts to the inside of the front windscreen, a Wide Viewing Angle of 130° allowing you to capture data that other cameras cannot. It also features Pioneer’s unique Gesture Event Recording meaning you can record important events, by gesture control, without taking your eyes off the road.

Worry no more about coming back to a parked vehicle with damage, not knowing what happened. Pioneer’s VREC-DH200 includes Pioneer’s Parking Mode feature, a feature which keeps watch whilst you’re away. Parking Mode allows event recording even when parked up to give you protection when your vehicle is out of sight.

The VREC-DH200 also includes GPS and Built-in Wi-Fi, designed so you can connect your smartphone via the exclusive Pioneer “Dash Camera Remote” app. Check recorded videos or set up the Dash Camera on the screen of a compatible iPhone or Android™ smartphone.

Top Features:

1-Channel Dash Cam
Front Dash Camera, recording the front view.
Full HD
In addition to installing a CMOS sensor that realises high sensitivity, this product records in Full HD (1920 x 1080p) with about 2 million pixels of high resolution so you can record clear high-quality characters such as a license plate, in the day or night.
130° Wide Viewing Angle
Record larger amounts of information with less blind spots, such as a motorcycle passing from the left or right or a pedestrian or bicycle jumping out.
Parking Mode
Peace of mind that your vehicle is watched whilst you are away. When the vehicle is parked, after detecting movement caused by vibration it will automatically record an event for a fixed period of time utilising the internal built-in battery. 
Accurately record important information such as your current position, vehicle speed, direction of travel and time.
Built-in Wi-Fi to connect your smartphone via an exclusive Pioneer Dash Camera app*’. Check recorded videos or set up the Dash Camera on the screen of a compatible iPhone or Android™ smartphone. * Compatible smartphone required. App availability is depending on your country.
Gesture Event Recording
Record key events by ‘Gesture Event Recording’, without taking your eyes off the road. 
Ultra Compact Design
This ultra compact Dash Camera measures around 3 cm squared, so it is inconspicuous when installed.
Included MicroSD Card
Pioneer includes a 16 GB microSD Card in this product. 
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