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Audi TT Mk3 8S Reversing Camera Retrofit

Genuine Audi Rear View Camera Kit. Suitable for the Audi TT MK3. Moving Guidelines

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A Genuine Audi Reversing Camera Kit for the TT, TTS and TTRS for the new MK3 that allows for Highline moving Guidelines and also auto-switch on reverse. It’s great for spotting those low level objects, hooking up to a trailer or squeezing into that tight space.

Using all Genuine Audi parts from the wiring looms to the camera to the module, this system will fit in perfectly into your TT and will look and work as if it were fitted from factory. The most important part of this kit is that it has is the Highline system that allows the “Moving Gudelines” so as your steering wheel is moving the lines on the screen will represent your direction of travel. It makes full use of the awesome new Virtual Cockpit Dashboard

Two parking modes are available:

  • Parking mode 1 (Transverse parking): Useful to park into a slot which is transverse to the driving direction on for reverse driving into a longer entry
  • Parking mode 2 (Longitudinal parking): Useful for parking into a slot along the driving direction on a curb.

Top Features:

  • 130° viewing angle.
  • Displays real live image on the Virtual Cockpit.
  • Automatically switches the radio display to the rear view image as soon as the reverse gear is engaged.
  • Will work in conjunction with the Acoustic and Optical Parking System (if fitted.)
  • Real time image overlaid with coloured graphics to aid positioning.
  • On some models the system will show the path the vehicle will take.
  • Original Audi parts.

Check out a MK3 TT that we retrofitted Front OPS and this Highline Reversing Camera

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