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VW NEW Golf MK 7.5 Reversing Camera Retrofit

Genuine VW Rear View Camera Kit. Suitable for the VW Golf Mk 7.5. 2017 to 2020.

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The latest Genuine Volkswagen Reversing Camera for the new Golf Mk7.5 from 2017 to 2020. This is the Highline version that means that when in reverse you’ll get moving guidelines on screen that will give an indication of your vehicle and where it will end up.

A reversing camera is now seen as a necessity with any new vehicle to help when parking and manoeuvring to ensure that can see what’s behind you and that you don’t end up bumping your pride and joy.

If you have Parking Sensors then you’ll also get the handy overlay to the side of the camera image so you can keep on eye on both the front and rear of your vehicle via your sensors (Dependent on what sensors you have installed).

Several modes are available with the Genuine equipment including trailer mode if your vehicle is installed with this equipment and your vehicle is compatible.

The majority of the platform is compatible with this new MIB system but we would always recommend you get in touch with us directly before placing your order so we can do the necessary checks prior. Please remember to provide your VIN and Postcode on the Contact Form.

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Please Note:

  • As per VW blurb, the reversing camera is only a guide to give you an idea of what’s behind you. The guidelines for instance are to show the intended trajectory of the vehicle and not representative of the width or parking bays. You must use this system in conjunction with other driving aids such as sensors and mirrors.
  • Due to the type of work involved and what is required we may not be able to offer on site installation but we will confirm this when you get in touch with us prior to purchase.


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Top Features

Top Features:

130° viewing angle.
Displays real live image on the touch-screen radio or radio-navigation screen.
Automatically switches the radio display to the rear view image as soon as the reverse gear is engaged.
Will work in conjunction with the Acoustic and Optical Parking System (if fitted.)
Real time image overlaid with coloured graphics to aid positioning.
On some models the system will show the path the vehicle will take.
Original Volkswagen parts.

Headunit Compatibility

This system is only compatible with the VW Golf Mk 7 with the following Headunits:

Discover Navigation
Discover Navigation Pro
Radio – Composition Media

Some Composition Media systems are not compatible. These part numbers are:


Please note that other camera systems are available for other VW models and are being added to our website constantly. If your vehicle is not mentioned then just get in touch with us.

Please Note

Please note:

This system will not work with vehicles that have a Factory Fitted TV Tuner
You will only get OPS (Optical Parking System) overlay if you have factory fitted sensors and the system is then coded to overlay.