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ScorpionTrack Vehicle Tracking

Smartphone access, Insurance Approved Thatcham Cat 6 Vehicle Tracker.

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FACT: Cars are being stolen nearly every minute within the UK…. Every day people’s lifes are being affected by this unfortunate growing trend. Whether it’s a low price or a high price vehicle, they are being stolen to be stripped down for parts, used in crime or to be shipped abroad and no real way to find it again. There are lots of products on the market that can offer you a “Good” tracking system but usually have a very high price associated with it. The Scorpion Track unit is the exception to the rule.

Built and manufactured within the UK, ScorpionTrack actively protects your vehicle against illegal movement using GPS geo fence technology along with the latest movement detection systems. Due to the advanced “Thatcham Cat 6 Approved” technology within the ScorpionTrack system it is fully insurance approved that in some cases can result in lower premiums.

ScorpionTrack is able to provide, speed, direction, ignition state, battery condition and location details down to 500 yard accuracy to the Police control room in the event that your vehicle is stolen with or without your keys.

One of the biggest benefits of the ScorpionTrack system is the ability to view your vehicle’s current position through a web browser or your smartphone to give you that extra peace of mind. Perfect if you are away on holiday. (Most other systems on the market will charge you extra for this feature)


Why You Need Vehicle Tracking:

  • 1.5 million car related thefts recorded in 2007-08*
  • Large volume of stolen cars never recovered
  • Organised car theft organisations common in the UK
  • Violent car theft on the rise in the UK & Europe
  • Car theft practises changed to overcome latest technology vehicle security
  • Over 75% of vehicles are stolen with keys resulting in house break ins and personal attack on occasions
  • Your car is ten times safer from theft if fitted with a security device*


What happens if your vehicle is stolen:

  1. Upon Illegal movement detection your ScorpionTrack system will discretely notify the ScorpionTrack international control centre of a possible theft.
  2. A fully trained 24hr ScorpionTrack monitoring operator will contact you advising that there could be a possible theft in process and to confim your vehicle has been stolen in line with current Police legislation and procedures. ScorpionTrack will then continue to track your vehicle until recovery or false alarm has been confirmed.
  3. Once theft has been confirmed and a crime reference number has been obtained from the Police, your ScorpionTrack operator will liaise with the Police in order to recover your vehicle.
  4. Upon recovery, The ScorpionTrack operator will arrange the return of the vehicle to your desired location.

ScorpionTrack Subscription:

To allow your vehicle to be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you will need to subscribe to the ScorpionTrack “Stolen Vehicle Monitoring Service”.

  • 1 Year Annual Subscription: £130 per Annum inc. VAT – Cheapest subscription in the UK.
  • 2 Year Subscription: £220 – Saving of £40
  • 3 Year Subscription: £300 – Saving of £90
  • 4 Year Subscription: £350 – Saving of £170

*Figures taken from latest UK home office statistics – The Solution

NB* Due to Thatcham Regulations, this is a supply and fit only option. We will organise with you, a nationwide installation at your home or work place. 




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Due to Thatcham Regulations, this is a supply and fit only option. We will organise with you, a nationwide installation at your home or work place.




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