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VW Flat Bottom Multi-Function Steering Wheel

Flat Bottom MFSW Upgrade Kit. Includes Airbag & Wiring Loom

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As a popular Middle-Earth car crazed wizard once said, “One Wheel To Rule Them All”. Well perhaps not, but if he did then it would be this one he’d rave about.

If you want this item installed into your vehicle then please get in touch with us directly.

We can’t butter this Flat Bottom MK7 Multi-Function Steering Wheel any other way, it’s awesome! The reason we’re selling it? Simple – Any VW manufactured after 2010 can benefit from this incredibly sleek looking wheel regardless if you have a Multi-Function wheel currently installed or not.

Pictures say a thousand words and in this case it’s true, there isn’t really too much to write about it apart from that once installed you’ll get all the great functions that a MFSW can offer you.

We recently installed this into a 2015 VW Transporter T5 and the customer was over the moon (See the picture of it installed to the left).

You can also check out this retrofit here on YouTube:

Now this is a complete kit that includes:

  • Brand New GTI Wheel (Golf 7 Style)
  • Brand New Airbag with cover
  • Brand New VW Airbag/Control Wiring Loom

Please note:

  • Most vehicles should be Plug and Play once installed and coded to the vehicle but in some instances a new Steering Wheel Slip-Ring Module may be required.
  • Normally we can get a certain colour of stich so please get in touch to check or we’ll just ship out what is currently available.
  • The majority of the wheels will come with DSG Paddles (They look cool as) so if you’ve got DSG then great but if you haven’t then don’t worry!! You can pretend you’re a race car driver.
  • Depending on the spec of your vehicle will depend what buttons will or will not work with your vehicle.

VW Transport T5 Notes:

  • When fitting to a VW T5 you need to ensure you have an 087 K BCM that has a software revision higher than 0407 if you want illumination on your buttons!
  • Trip functions will NOT work via the wheel if you have the lower spec instrument cluster (7E0 0920 960 A/B) and will require stalks. 
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