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Volkswagen Cruise Control

Volkswagen Cruise Control Retrofit Kit. Genuine Parts. Factory Integration. Please contact us for quote.

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Please note: The price of £229 is just a guide. Every car is different and requires different parts and (or) modules. If you would like this product installed in your vehicle then please get in touch with us directly to discuss costs. Please remember to provide us with your chassis number. This can be found at the front of your vehicle under your passenger side wiper in a small window.

Cruise control enables you to enjoy a more comfortable and safer journey by electronically regulating your car’s speed at a constant pace. This is very useful on long stretches of motorway where you may want to stick to a particular limit to avoid speeding or for maintaining a slower set speed through temporary roadworks. Nobody likes to get caught out with speeding fines so Cruise Control can help you stay legal and enjoy a smooth and steady journey.

You set the speed you would like by activating the Cruise Control and you can then adjust it by using the toggle switch on the end of the steering wheel stalk to increase or decrease to your desired speed. You can also return to the most recent speed set using another option if you have to brake or accelerate to overtake for example.

You can override the system at any time by depressing the clutch or brake pedals or simply by turning the system off using the switch


  • Ability to set your desired speed.
  • Accelerate or decelerate if necessary then return to previous speed set.
  • Original Volkswagen part.
Weight 2 kg



Car Compatability:

New Polo
Golf Mk 5 & 6
Golf Plus
Passat & CC
Transporter T5 Face-lift

Not all models in the Volkswagen range are covered due to incompatibility issues. Please check with us if you are unsure.