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VW Bluetooth Foam

Hide your Genuine Bluetooth Module under your seat and out the way. UK Delivery Included!

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When we retrofit Genuine Volkswagen Bluetooth we like to do it properly and all behind the scenes and out of sight and now you can too!

This foam cover allows you to install your Bluetooth module under the driver’s seat (Where it is meant to be mounted) and attaches to the carpet thanks to some very handy velcro taps on the underside of the black styrofoam cover. Keeps it safe and protected and out of the way!

Your genuine bluetooth module fits in nice and snug into the foam and once fitted allows your Bluetooth wiring to disappear into the handy slits in the carpet. You are then free to route the cabling up towards your headunit. Some cars don’t have these slits but with a sharp Stanley Knife and a careful eye you can make a small incision!

Please Note:

  • This item does not come with a VW Bluetooth Module. Module shown in the images is for representative purposes only. You will receive 1 VW Bluetooth Foam cover.


Weight 1 kg



Vehicle Compatibility:
The VW Bluetooth Foam will fit the vehicles as listed below.

Beetle             – 2012 >
Beetle             – 2013 >
Eos                – 2006 – 2011
Eos                – 2011 >
Golf Cabriolet  – 2012 >
Golf                – 2006 – 2012
Golf Plus         – 2012
Jetta               – 2006 – 2013
Passat            – 2009 – 2012* Check before ordering – Some Passat's will require different foam
Scirocco          – 2009 >