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VW Garmin Nav Upgrade for Composition Media

Garmin Nav Upgrade using existing Composition System, controls and speakers

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Due to the technology that the new Golf 7, Polo 6C & Passat B8 now runs on, it’s currently not possible to retrofit Genuine VW Navigation to them. The parts can be sourced and fitted but the activation just won’t work. This is where this cheeky little upgrade comes in to play. Using all existing controls it gives you seamless navigation via your current headunit with no need for extra speakers or controls. As it’s made by Garmin you’ll be able to get straight in and just start using it with all the features you’ve come to expect.

A behind the scenes module that once integrated with your Volkswagen will give you a fully integrated GPS navigation system. It’s the only decent quality system available on the market right now.

The Kenwood MIB NAV interface use’s market leading Garmin navigation optimised for integration by Kenwood UK and is perfect for anyone looking to improve their vehicles specification with a nav option. The Kenwood Sat Nav upgrade boasts an impressive range of features


  • Full touch screen control
  • Garmin European navigation with voice directions
  • 7 digit (full) postcode
  • 3D landmarks and buildings
  • Existing Radio & Media can be played in the background whilst on the Navigation Screen
  • Voice Directions will also be active whilst the Garmin System is running in the background
  • Lane Assist and PhotoReal Junction view
  • Built-in TMC (Activation required on Garmin Website)
  • Speed limit advisory message
  • Million points of interest (POI’s)
  • Safety camera POI option
  • Updateable navigation maps (Via Garmin Website)

Check out our full YouTube Review and use of this system

This system can also be upgraded with a Genuine Volkswagen Reversing Camera

Please get in touch with us for more information

Please Note:

  • Due to the physical restraints we can supply a USB Card Extender for an additional £69. This means you can update your maps etc without the need to remove your glovebox each time (Which is a pain in the backside). Please make us aware if you need this prior to purchase.
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The really great thing about this kit is that your Volkswagen doesn\'t need any existing equipment (apart from the touchscreen) nor does it need anything enabling by Volkswagen.
If you have the DynAudio system you may not get Voice Guidance due to the amplified sound system
As this system is an aftermarket piece of kit that does a brilliant job at allowing you to have navigation on your Volkswagen System it cannot push any of the navigation instructions to the screen in between your speedo and rev counter. This function is only available on VWs that had navigation as standard from factory (In our opinion it\'s not really a big deal!)
If you have Park Pilot (Parking Sensors), you need to make sure you are on a normal car function (Radio etc) for the screen to display parking. Your normal beeping will work on any screen though.
Map Updates are available from the Garmin website. They normally charge around th £50 mark and you update the system via SD Card. Due to the way the system is made, the module with the SD card will be fitted behind the glovebox so to update please bear this in mind. 
How to Activate TMC – Click Here to find out how to activate