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VW T5 Interior Dash Conversion Kit

NEW: Convert your existing T5 (2003 – 2009) Dash to accept the latest RCD 310, RCD 510 or RNS 510 System

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Have you got a Pre 2009 Volkswagen T5 that you love and cherish? Want to give the insides a facelift and fit the latest generation of Volkswagen Media system such as the RCD 310 DAB, RCD 510 DAB or the RNS 510 Navigation System? Then look no further my VW Lovers!

If your T5 is currently rocking the older style square radio system it’s probably looking a bit dated and not up and keeping with the latest technology available from Volkswagen.

If you own a T5 that was manufacturered between 2003 and 2009 then it’s more than likely you won’t be able to fit the newer shape style units available from VW. Especially if you want to upgrade to DAB or Navigation or even a mixture of the two! Bring it up to spec with the latest 2010+ Facelift models!

This kit includes all the necessary parts to complete this transformation. Below is a list of the parts you will get in the kit:

  • Genuine Front Trim Fascia (This will include either the trim for T5s with the Climate Control or the T5s with Turn Knob Heating Controls. Please let us know which one you need)
  • Top tray for Dash (This includes a 12V Cigarette lighter adaptor. This may need wiring up if your vehicle is not pre-wired for this)
  • 2 x Dash Vents
  • 7 x Blank Inserts (You may not need all 7 but it will allow you to choose where to put your buttons)
  • 1 x ASR Button (This has to be changed as your current button won’t fit the new trim)

Once you have fitted the above you will of course need to have your new unit ready to go. Below are some links of units that you can fit:

Please note:

  • This conversion is not for the faint-hearted and a lot is involved in terms of the installation to make this kit fit.
  • Past customers have stated that they have adapted the old vents (Back-Part) to fit the new vents (Front-Part) to get a better fit.
  • This is a Special Order kit based on your VIN Number and is non-refundable once the parts have been ordered.
Weight 1.75 kg

Please Note:

If you have Heated Seats then you will need to upgrade your T5 to the latest Climate Control System with Climate Control Fascia. To keep costs lower you can recess the Heated Seats Button into the Fascia. On 2010+ models it is intergrated into the Climate unit.
The buttons in this kit are the standard necessary ones. As every VW is different if you have any extras then please get in touch and we can gain access to the upgraded versions for you.
When you are fitting this kit the interior of your dash (behind the scenes) it will need some modification inside, please be prepared for this. This is mainly for allowing the new air vents to fit correctly. We advise that you utilise parts from the original air vents and the new ones to get the perfect fit.
The new traction control (ASR) button will need to be re-wired from your existing button to the new one





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