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VW Transporter T5 / T6 Folding Mirrors

Genuine Volkswagen Transporter Fold On Lock Wing Mirrors Which Un-Fold On Ignition. Genuine VW Parts. No Aftermarket Wiring Or Relays. Warranty Safe. Supply & Fit.

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Supply & Installation of Genuine VW Transporter T5.1 & T6 Folding Mirrors that Fold on Lock and Unfold on Ignition (Where Applicable). This retrofit uses all Genuine VW parts with no aftermarket boxes or relays (Commonly found on eBay) to make the mirrors fold in and out.

Some kits on eBay will give you half of the above but due to the extra wiring and relays in place they won’t function like this does and could potentially affect your warranty! They will always fold on lock and unlock (Rather than waiting for ignition when unfolding).

This kit includes all the necessary parts to do the retrofit to a van that has no folding mirrors currently. If you your van already has folding mirrors then please get in touch with us directly as the pricing is cheaper! Regardless of spec level, your existing mirror glass and painted cover will be used.

To see this system in action please watch the video below:

Volkswagen Transporter T5.1 Folding Mirrors

Volkswagen Transporter T6 Folding Mirrors


This kit includes:

  • 2x Genuine VW Mirror Bases
  • 2x Genuine VW Door Modules (Correct Version that allows for folding)
  • 1x New Internal Door Switch

Please Note:

On some models of the Transporters, even when we code for Comfort Feature (Fold on Lock) the vehicle does not allow for this function, we will not know this until we are working on the vehicle

  • You need to have a BCM that is 087 or higher to allow for these mirrors to work correctly. If you have a lower version, a new BCM will be required at extra cost. 
  • You may be required to provide us with a copy of a VCDS Fault Scan prior to purchase so we can check your spec level and see exactly what parts are needed and what is not. This can be done via VCDS / VAG-COM Cable yourself, by us if you’re local or by a Reputable VW Specialist. 
  • As mentioned above, this is a complete kit to allow for electric mirrors that fold on lock. If you already have certain parts fitted then please advise us of this as your pricing will be different. 
  • If you have basic mirrors with no heating or electrically adjusting then this can be added at the same time but will require additional parts and time.
  • This is a Supply & Fit Option only.
  • If you wish this to be installed on a nationwide basis then you will either be required to visit one of our workshops or have a suitable undercover premises such as a Big Double Garage, Unit or Workshop. 


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