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When it comes to working on your pride and joy, you want to make sure that when you hand over those keys that your vehicle is going to be looked after with a certain level of care and the work being performed is to the highest standard. That’s why it’s always super important to make sure that anybody working on your vehicle is Authorised by Audi & Volkswagen to do so.

Advanced In-Car Technologies is an Authorised Volkswagen Group UK Independent Repairer and Services Provider. This means we have the big gleaming badge of approval from the VW Group to work on vehicles in our workshop and do all of the retrofits we have on offer.

As part of this approval process we have access to the very latest Main Dealer Level Diagnostics and tools such as ODIS (Offboard Diagnosis Information System). All of the equipment is Genuine and Officially Licenced and more importantly gives us an Online Connection to Volkswagen Servers. This secure online access means that when we work on vehicles and perform certain retrofits such as Cruise Control we can update the record of the vehicle.

Having access to these systems means that we can perform some of the features below:

  • GeKo (Security and Component Protection)
  • SVM Coding (Software Version Management)
  • SWaP Activation (Software As a Product)

For example this allows us to do the following:

  • Cruise Control Retrofit
  • Navigation / Voice Control / App Connect
  • Key & Immobiliser Coding
  • Hardware Calibration

You can rest assured that if you choose to use Advanced In-Car Technologies as your preferred Volkswagen Group Retrofit Specialist then we’ll be using the very latest technology and treated to our 5* Installation & Customer Service!