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Back in 2012 we started our YouTube account with nothing more than a few random videos and a crappy mobile phone.

We had our first YouTube hit with The Audi AutoDAB Digital Radio Retrofit at the beginning of 2013. We did a quick 5-minute video on how this particular kit worked with the Audi A3. It got some great attention and made us realise that people on the interwebs really love watching videos about products before they commit to purchasing.

Moving on over the next few months we started doing Un-Boxing & Review videos on DashCams. We really loved the work of TechMoan and this spurred us on to try and do the same. We had some relatively good success, good viewing numbers and slowly but surely increasing our subscribers.

At this point we approached by YouTube about “Monetising” our account. This is where we partner with YouTube and then earn Revenue each time an advert is clicked on or around the video. You start off with a fairly low commission of a few pence but as you get bigger, bolder and create really good content your commission rate goes up to earning more £££.

With the prospect of earning a few pence per video we started filming more and more. We invested in some great software to help with the editing side of things, had a great intro made by NeonVisual in Brighton and started to take our channel to the next level. We were filming almost every new retrofit we did to either a VW or Audi so we could show people exactly what their vehicles would look like once everything was installed.

In July 2014, disaster struck for us! We tried to update our Address with Google+ and sort out our profile page. We noticed that the listing wasn’t view-able on Google Maps (Remember all Google products are now linked). After many emails and calls to Google in California our YouTube account got de-activated with no way to recover it. Simply being told by Google Customer services that the Computer says no. We were gutted! After this we ready to throw in the towel as we had put in so much effort and time to our channel and it was really starting to get going.

YouTube Stats

Luckily, the following October we had a really nice customer with an Audi TT come down to have navigation installed to his vehicle, we got chatting about his car and family and he then re-kindled my dreams of having a great YouTube channel. His son works for Google. Amazing!! A quick phone-call and a long email later it was discovered that due to a bug in the G+ system it had knobbled our account and nobody knew why. A project team was conscripted to work the problem and in true Google fashion they delivered. I had a golden email that said we were back up and running!

From this point on we got stuck in to YouTube, got the channel looking great and really started to put effort into our content. We started re-investing our Ad-Revenue into new cameras, tripods, lighting, microphones etc to make our videos look even better!


Today (13/04/2016) we’re now comfortably sitting on 93 videos uploaded, 1342 subscribers and video views of 879,586. We love making videos and we’re looking forward to our next big milestones of 2000 subscribers and 1million views.

Watch out YouTube, we’re on our way to our Silver Play Button for Content Creator Awards!


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