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Audi Start / Stop Memory

If you’ve found your way to this blog you’re probably trying to work out how to activate the memory function for your Start Stop System on your Audi or seen our video on YouTube.

This coding basically tells your Audi to remember the last state of your stop stop button. So if you got out the car and had already de-activated S/S, when you get back in the car it will still be activated.

When we come across something cool we like to share the love and tell others how to do it if they have access to VCDS or VAG-COM.

Now the below method has been tried and tested on a 2014 Audi A6 and it works really well. It may work in other vehicles but we haven’t tried it yet. We’ll update the list as and when.

Another one of those annoying niggles out the way. So here we go…

You will need VCDS and if you or a friend has access to it then you need to do the following. This isn’t a VCDS tutorial so I’ll assume you know how to do the below to activate it:

  1. Select Contol Module 09 in VAG-COM/VCDS
  2. Go to Security Access
  3. Type 20113 and Login
  4. Select “Adaption – 10”
  5. Select Channel 34 and read

Now this is where the cool stuff happens and you have three options depending on what you want your Start / Stop Button to do…

  1. Start Stop as Per Default after each ignition. On to off
    • Reduce the number by 4 (Effectively Bit 2 to 0)
  2. Start Stop with Memory Function (Like the video)
    • Change the number to 32 (Effectively Bit 5 to 1)
  3. Start Stop with inverted display (LED on switch is opposite)
    • Change the number to 64 (Effectively Bit 6 to 1)

Once you’ve chosen your settings, TEST and SAVE. I would then shut the car down for 5 mins and then admire your handy work.

Don’t have access to VCDS?

If you’re not this way inclined but still want this feature then we have two options for you. We’ve offered the info for free but as we all know; a business has to make money!!

1 – We can code this to your vehicle for £45+VAT (£54) at our workshop here in Poole.

2 – If you want this done on a nationwide basis and we have an engineer locally who can do it for you then it is £82.50+VAT (£99)

Confirmed working vehicles:

  • Audi S4 3.0tfsi – 2012
  • Audi A6 3.0tdi – 2014
  • Audi A7 SE – 2014
  • Audi A8 3.0tdi – 2014