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How to Check T5 BCM

If you’re looking to retrofit Cruise Control or a nice looking Multi-Function Steering Wheel to your Volkswagen Transporter T5 then you need to have the correct BCM (Body Control Module) Installed. You need to have a version that ends in 087 or higher. For example: 7H0937087 / 7H0 937 087.

The easiest way to check is to perform a quick VCDS scan and email it across to us. If you don’t have access to this then you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way and remove trim. We’ve created this guide to try and help you out.

Tools Needed:

  • Torx T-20 Screwdriver
  • Angled Trim Tool

Step-By-Step Process:

Step 1

Remove the end panel on the right hand side of the vehicle.


Step 2

Remove the trim that sits underneath your light switch


Step 3

Remove the T20 Torx screw that was behind the light panel trim


Step 4

Remove the T20 Torx screw that was behind the end panel (It’s slightly lower down and points towards the floor)


Step 5

Remove the T20 Torx screw that is to the left of the steering wheel near the center console.


Step 6

Next you need to get into the footwell. There are 4x T20 Torx screws pointing downwards. Three of them are near the front edge near the pedals and one of them is near your OBD Port.


Step 7

Remove this Black panel kick panel and pop to one side. You’ll then see two more T20 Torx Screws that need to be removed.


Step 8

Once these last two screws are removed you’ll be able to remove it from the vehicle. You’ll then see a big black box / module with a couple of chunky rectangular plugs connected to it.


Step 9

Next you need to look below these connectors where you can see the writing on the module. You’re looking for the part number that is indicated by the red arrow and within the box. Jot it down and then let us know what this says. IF you have 087 installed then you’re good to go. If you have 086 or below then you will need to upgrade this BCM before installing cruise control (Link at the bottom of this blog).


Once you’ve got all the info, just follow the reverse and pop your T5 all back together. If after following the above guide you’re not 100% sure, just send us a picture or the Part Number to us via email or our contact form.

If you have access to VCDS then you can quickly and easily perform a scan and email it to us. Below is a video from Ross-Tech that shows the process.

Hope it all helps!!

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