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Pay4Later & Omni CapitalWe hit the drawing board on how to take Advanced In-Car Tech to the next level and it quickly became clear that we can’t help everybody for one reason or another either due to costs or compatibility. There wasn’t much we could do about compatibility as your vehicle is either going to work with our equipment or it’s not so then the next one was cost. When you get involved in Genuine Audi or Volkswagen Retrofits you’re paying for the best quality equipment to be integrated with your vehicle but this isn’t necessarily affordable to everybody, especially if you’ve just bought a new car!

In conjunction with Pay4Later and Omni Capital Retail Finance we’re happy to offer customers who meet the criteria an affordable finance payment system.

If you want to check out more information on how you can apply for finance, the criteria and some of the benefits of paying this way then please click the link below.

Finance with Advanced In-Car

Happy paying!!