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As one of the UK’s Leading VW & Audi Retrofit Specialists we’ve learnt a thing or two about the vehicles we work on, the best type of equipment and most importantly dealing with customers.

We’ve been upgrading and modifying vehicles since way back in 2003 but really started to specialise in the VAG based vehicles in 2011 where we made a commitment to become the best and the “Authority” on all things Audi & VW in relation to Retrofits.

Today we’re exactly where we want to be and continuing to build Advanced In-Car both in terms of what we offer and install but also our presence online where we continue to build our Social Media Platforms to give you an insight to who we are, what we do and how we do it.


One of our biggest achievements is that back in 2019 we became an Authorised Volkswagen Group UK Independent Repairer and Services Provider. This means we have the big gleaming badge of approval from the VW Group to work on vehicles in our workshop and do all of the retrofits we have on offer. As part of this approval process we have access to the very latest Main Dealer Level Diagnostics and tools such as ODIS (Offboard Diagnosis Information System). All of the equipment is Genuine and Officially Licenced and more importantly gives us an Online Connection to Volkswagen Servers. This secure online access means that when we work on vehicles and perform certain retrofits such as Cruise Control we can update the record of the vehicle.


Over the years we’ve worked with lots of different brands but now we’ve started to concentrate on the Premium end of the market to ensure we’re only fitting the best equipment to the best vehicles that want quality. Most recently we’ve partnered up with Audison to offer some of the best In-Car Audio Equipment available. This is building on the success of being an Alpine Excellence Dealer when supplying and installing some of the best infotainment headunits available. When it comes to working on a vehicle we will only use the best available, whether that’s Automotive Cloth Tape, all the way to the Vehicle Specific Fitting Systems. This means that you know your vehicle is being looked after just how you would want it to be.