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Nationwide Installation

This part is what we’re most proud of, our 5* Installation service! We’re all about quality here and this is reflected in how we install the equipment to your vehicle. Attention to detail & meticulous planning ensure a perfect job.

We’re proud of all of our engineers throughout the UK. They’re all Sub-Contracted to ourselves but come with the gleaming badge of approval from Advanced In-Car Tech. We don’t just find these guys from the Yellow Pages, it’s old fashioned word of mouth. We’ve started them off small and worked them up towards the bigger and better retrofits like Cruise Control & full Optical Parking systems, offering training & technical support along the way.

The Installation Procedure

  1. Having found the equipment or retrofit you want, get in touch with us regarding compatibility
  2. We’ll confirm that your vehicle will work correctly with the equipment you have chosen
  3. We’ll let you know the cost to Supply & Fit everything in your location
  4. We’ll then contact the nearest engineer that is suitable to do the work that is needed.
  5. Once everything is confirmed we’ll send you over the appropriate costs. Depending on the work needed we’ll either ask for payment in full or a deposit and this can all be done via the website.
  6. Once the payment has been received we will order the appropriate equipment for your vehicle.
  7. When all the kit has arrived or ready to ship out, we will either send it to yourself to hand over to the engineer when he arrives or we’ll send it direct to him. The larger installs may require him to prep the equipment before installing
  8. A job-sheet will be sent to yourself and your engineer confirming all the dates, times and where the installation will be taking place.
  9. Greet the engineer on the date and time agreed with a big cup of tea and a few biscuits ☺
  • As mentioned above, all of our engineers our sub-contracted to us and all come with their own independent liability insurance that will cover them in case of any issues arising.
  • Our normal installation booking in time is between 10 and 14 days depending on demand and location
  • In most instances we can come to your home or work address (As long as you’ve got a suitable garage or driveway) (Sorry, we can’t work at the roadside – it’s not safe for our engineers!)
  • Based on what you want doing, we may advise it’s not suitable to do the work at your location. In some instances, It’s not professional to take apart your vehicle whilst it’s blowing a gale or the possibility of the heavens opening. Much safer to do it in one of our workshops.
  • If you’re located within Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire you’ll be covered by our HQ Workshop in which case we’ll need you to pop on down to us. We’ll ply you with free tea and coffee though!
  • If we don’t have a suitable engineer in your location don’t fret! We can Supply you with all the correct equipment and you can then go to your local trusted independent garage or auto-electrician. There are loads of reputable independent VW or Audi garages out there!