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As we’re always booking lots of customers in and taking a deposit we’ve created this page for you to take a quick read over before you commit to going ahead…

With all the equipment that we offer for installation, we will always require a deposit to order in Equipment and also Book you into our Diary. This is because in the past we’ve booked people in, ordered in equipment and then been let down by customers not turning up.

We’re super transparent here which is why we’ve created this specific page so that you know prior to paying a deposit rather than after the fact what our Policy is in regards to this.

Our deposit is a minimum of £100 and a maximum of £500 depending on the value of work booked in and of course the cost of vehicle specific parts that we may need to order for your vehicle. In many cases, the deposit you pay does not even cover the cost of the goods – but it does reduce risk for us. In some cases, we may ask for a bigger deposit if we are placing an order for “Special Order” or “Non-Returnable” parts but this will be communicated to you beforehand .

When you pay a deposit you are paying in part for a product (or service). Paying a deposit shows that you intend to buy the item and it means you are entering into a contract with Advanced In-Car Technologies Ltd. There may or may not be a contract in writing, but doing it verbally still means a contract is in place, meaning there are obligations on both yourself and Advanced In-Car Technologies Ltd.

When you pay a deposit, you and Advanced In-Car Technologies Ltd agree:

  • The exact product or service that you are buying
  • The amount of deposit you pay
  • When the balance has to be paid
  • When the product or service will be provided

As a small business, we choose not to accept CREDIT Card “Deposits” or “Final Balance” payments to keep our overheads and costs down because of the fees associated with Credit Card companies these days.

We clearly communicate with you that we only accept payments via a DEBIT Card or Bank Transfer as these are the cheapest form of payments for us to take, but still attract processing fees which we have to deduct from the profit.

As the majority of our equipment is vehicle specific we have to order the equipment in based on Chassis / VIN Number. This could for example also include Spraying of Sensors. This means it would not be possible to install this into another vehicle.

This ultimately means that once this deposit has been paid and you have agreed for the work to go ahead we cannot refund this deposit back to you if you decide to cancel or not proceed. This is because we normally have already purchased equipment, booked out space in our diary for your vehicle and spent time bringing the job together here in the office