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Audi Retrofits

Audi Retrofits

Audi Retrofits

If you’re looking to Retrofit the latest equipment to your Audi then you’ve arrived at the right place. Offering mainly Genuine Audi Equipment to the majority of the range. We’re ever expanding on the technology available so if you’re looking for a Reversing Camera or Folding Wing Mirrors to Hill Hold Assist we’ll be sure to offer it. Take a read of the below to see some of the more common retrofits that we are currently installing.

Reversing Cameras

Help keep an eye on what’s going on behind you when parking. Our Genuine Audi Camera Systems feature Moving Guidelines and Parking Sensor Overlay (Where available)

Parking Sensors

See what’s in front and behind of you with Genuine Audi Optical Parking Sensors. Featuring both Audible & Optical Display. Flush Fitting & Colour coded with internal PDC Switch

Folding Mirrors

Retrofit Genuine Audi Folding Mirrors to your car to help keep them safe and tucked away whilst locked up. Replacement Mirror Bases, Door Modules and Internal Switch to keep it all OEM. 

Cruise Control

Set a constant speed via the Genuine Audi Cruise Control Stalk to maintain a certain speed. Helps keep you under the Speed Limit and allows for a more relaxing drive on long journeys

Digital Radio

Fed up of listening to the same old FM Radio Stations? Want more music variety or specific channels like TalkSport. Upgrade your Audi with Digital Radio with Factory Style Control

Hill Hold Assist

A much loved feature for those with the Electronic Parking Brake. The Audi Hill Hold Assist when active will keep your vehicle in place when on a slight gradient. Perfect for pulling away! 

Dynamic Lighting

Upgrade to the newer style of rear lighting from Audi. Dynamic LED Lighting with Sweeping Indicators will transform the rear of your Audi and give it that extra premium feel

Interior Lighting

Transform the interior of your Audi with Ambient Lighting. Footwell Lights to Door Card Lighting to Centre Console Light Strips. Night time driving will never be the same