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Wedge Reversing Camera


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Universal Wedge Reversing Camera With Optional Guidelines read more


Universal Wedge Reversing Camera With Optional Guidelines read more
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Wedge Reversing Camera

Premium Metal Reversing Wedge Camera that not only looks good when installed but performs very well in various conditions with a great picture. A lot of Universal Cameras claim to be great but fail to perform (We have tried loads of different version) but this one certainly is one of the best.

This Camera comes in Black in NTSC or White as PAL Only Format depending what system you are installing it into.

Due to it’s great shape and being universal will install into pretty much vehicle (As long as there is a suitable lip) and any Aftermarket / Genuine stereo system that can support a Reversing Camera.

This Camera has the ability to be fitted horizontally or vertically with the ability to mirror the image depending on how it needs to be installed. It also features “Fixed” Guidelines. These functions are activated by cutting lines on the wiring loom.

Uses a standard Phono / RCA Yellow connector which the majority of Aftermarket Stereos can support.

This universal wedge reversing camera comes with a wiring loom and basic wiring guide. It’s a simple system to install but we would always recommend installation by a Professional Automotive Electrician.


  • TV system                                           NTSC / PAL
  • Output resolution                           576i
  • TV lines                                                 520TVL
  • Guide lines                                         Yes – selectable
  • Mirror image                                     Yes
  • Night vision IR                                   No
  • Audio                                                    No
  • FPS                                                         25
  • Effective pixels                                 720 x 540
  • Viewing angle                                   110°(H) 100°(V)
  • Back light compensation              Auto
  • White balance                                  Auto
  • Min illumination                             0.2 LUX
  • Power consumption                       140mA
  • Operating voltage                           12V DC
  • Dimensions                                        32mm(W) 34mm(D) 24mm(H)
  • Connection type                              RCA video
  • IP rating                                               IP68
  • Casing material                                 Die cast aluminium
  • Fly lead length                                  400mm

YouTube Review

Installed into a VW Transporter T5.1 With Halo 9

Please Note:

  • If fitting this camera with a Genuine Stereo you may need a converter or interface specific to that system to be installed at the same time (May increase costs). 
  • Guidelines & Warning Message shown in image and video are generated by the Alpine System
  • Alpine Halo 9 is for demo purposes only and not included as part of the kit
  • You will be required to drill a hole to allow this camera to fit
  • Installation price may vary if you have a modified or converted vehicle. We suggest you get in touch directly prior to purchase
  • Depending on Camera Placement On some Double / Barn Door Based Vehicle you may require a 2M Male to Female Phono Extension Cable (Available as an Add-On from us). Alternatively you can buy a Male-to-Male Extension and Female Adaptor

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0.9 kg

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