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With the EV Market currently exploding with more vehicles hitting the road each week it’s important to know which cable is best and what it can offer to you and your charging experience.

Most modern day electric vehicles currently being sold use what is called a Type 2 Connection. Likewise, the majority of EV Chargers are also Type 2.

We have long dealt with the guys at Ring Automotive and when they approached us with their new Range of Cables we thought we’d break it down really simple so you have it all in one place.

Of course there are many many suppliers of Charging Cables along with your Main Dealer with their own type but Ring Automotive have always been known for quality, attention to detail and just producing really excellent equipment.

The most important thing is to research both your Electric Vehicle and Charger to see what type of Cable it can support!

Single Phase Charging Cables

Ring Automotive have two Type 2 Cables that support Single Phase Charging. This is the type of electricity that is currently flowing through your house or building. Most Residential properties are Single Phase so the majority of you will be using one of these cables.

Now depending on your car and charger there are two cables, one that is 16A and the other is 32A. This in really simple terms is how much juice can travel down your cable into your vehicle and how fast.

We could bore you to death with Tech Specs but we’re going to keep it really simple and simply let you know which cable can offer what charging speed!

Ring RCC21605 Single Phase – 16A

Charge times:

  • 30kWh Battery – 8 hours
  • 60kWh Battery – 16 hours
  • 90kWh Battery – 24 hours

Ring RCC23205 Single Phase – 32A

Charge times:

  • 30kWh Battery – 4 hours
  • 60kWh Battery – 8 hours
  • 90kWh Battery – 12 hours

As you can see, if your vehicle and charger can support a 32A setup then you’re effectively halving your charge time.

Three Phase Charging Cable

It’s very rare for a Residential Property to have a 3 Phase System but some Commercial / Work Place / Offices have this type of Electricity System. This really just means more power, quicker! A lot of Public EV Chargers have this type also!

Ring Automotive only have one cable for 3 Phase Systems which is a 32A Charging Cable

Ring RCC23205 Single Phase – 32A

Charge times:

  • 30kWh Battery – 1.5 hours
  • 60kWh Battery – 3 hours
  • 90kWh Battery – 4.5 hours

Hopefully this quick blog has helped you navigate the slightly murky waters about what cables are out there, how they work and why you would use one over another.

If you want to purchase one of these cables you can do so on the links below: