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Audison Prima AP8.9 bit – 8 Channel Amplifier


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Audison Prima AP4.9 bit – 8-channel amplifier with Bit processor This extremely versatile plug and play amplifier will set your... read more

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Audison Prima AP4.9 bit – 8-channel amplifier with Bit processor

This extremely versatile plug and play amplifier will set your speakers free from the constraints of vehicle manufacturers sound curves. 8-channels and Bit technology in a very compact case.
Following a lengthy and comprehensive development programme, the Audison AP8.9 Bit amplifier offers fabulous sound enhancement for multi-speaker amplified factory car audio systems. Research revealed that many car speakers are not driven with enough power to offer the control required for a car speaker system. Furthermore, distortion rapidly increases to unpleasant levels when the volume is turned up. The clean signal handling of the eight class D channels and the incredible signal processing power overcomes many of the stock issues.

The powerful management software proves the ability to acquire the bit Drive presets which the Audison team fine-tuned specifically for your car. Thanks to the innovative power supply stage, a power of 520 W total can be achieved in an extremely compact case. The non-amplifiable ninth channel can be used to drive a subwoofer via the mono AP1 D amplifier.

Top Features

Full DA – Full Digital Audio
Pure digital signal transfer with a resolution up to 24 bit / 48 kHz.
Auto tuning by Audison bit Tune and communication with bit Drive portal.
DE-EQ – De Equalization
De-equalization function to “flatten” any equalization applied by default by OEM sources.
DCC – Direct Current Cockpit
To speed-up installation time preserving safety and reliability, the Audison R&D team equipped the AP bit amplifiers with DCC, an innovative management circuit which monitors the power supply current consumption in real-time. This solution provides the ability to connect the amplifier to the cockpit directly without reaching the battery.
iDatalink Maestro AR compatibility
When AP bit amplifiers are installed into a compatible vehicle using the iDatalink Maestro AR (sold separately), the user can enjoy a perfect integration with factory installed navigation, advanced safety systems, voice-controlled hands-free and infotainment. (Only for North America)

Power Output:

Load Imp. 8 Channels 4 Channels (bridge)
4 Ohm 35 W x 8 130 W x 4
2 Ohm 65 W x 8

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