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CAT 5 Tracker
CAT 6 Tracker
Stolen Vehicle Tracker


3 kg



Cell Memory (FM: 24 / MW: 6 / LW: 6)

Memory: Auto Memory

Find Mode: Local / DX Selection



RDS functionality: PI, PS, AF, TA, TP, PTY, NEWS, RADIO TEXT

DAB receiver

DAB + receiver embedded

DAB + / DMB supported

DAB + Slideshow service

DLS (Dynamic Label Service)

DAB Service Following

RDS Fallback (where available)

Cache services: memory for 18

Automatic Ensemble / Service Memory

Search service

PTY search

Search by alphabet

Select the antenna power supply


Built-in BLUETOOTH® module

Wide Band Speech Technology

HFP (Hands-Free Profile) Compatibility

Music playback: A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) compatibility

Audio playback control: AVRCP (Audio / Video Remote Control Profile) Ver.1.5 Compatibility

Advanced BLUETOOTH® technology

Connectivity: SSP (Simple Secure Pairing) is supported

Single terminal profile: Hands free calling and music broadcasting

Phone book: Phonebook synchronization

Speed ??dial: 4 preset numbers (per phone)

Multiple Phone Number Registration: 5 phone numbers can be stored in one name

Device name display

Automatic response

Call history display: Dialed Calls / Received Calls / Missed Calls

Repeat function

Speech volume control: Enabled for outgoing and incoming calls

DTMF (Touch-Tone) function

Signal strength indicator

Battery indicator

Language menu: 24 languages

Firmware update possible

Microphone: The microphone is complete

Made for iPod® / iPhone®

Compatibility for iPod / iPhone: Compatible with all models except the first and second generation

Connectivity: KCU-461iV / KCU-471i required (sold separately)

Compatible with headset and video playback

Available Options: Music List / Artist / Album / Song / Podcast / Genre / Composer / Audiobook


View album

Direct Up / Down: Playlist / Artist / Album / Podcast / Genre / Composer

MIX (Shuffle) Play: Song, Albums, All


Charge the battery


Works with Apple CarPlay (requires iPhone with CarPlay enabled)

Works with Android Auto (requires smartphone with Android Auto enabled)


USB connectivity

Online navigation with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Includes GPS / Glonass Supported Navigation Antenna

A button for direct access to navigation via CarPlay or Google Maps

USB Media Connection

USB connection: USB extension cable included

Music playback: FLAC / MP3 / WMA / AAC

Video Playback: MP4

File / Folder Search by name

Tag Info Search

Map Up / Down

MIX random play



Adjust the sound

Bass Engine SQ

Bass Engine ™ Pro

Adjusts the subwoofer level

Select subwoofer phase

4V High Voltage Predicture

Equalizer: Flat, Pop, Rock, News, Jazz, Electro Dance, Hip Hop, Easy Listening, Country, Classical

Dual HD EQ (9-band parametric EQ forward / backward)

6 channel digital time correction

Digital Crossover

Adjustable sound adjustment per vehicle type

MediaXpander HD

Adjust the sound level of your apps

Download sound settings data

Simple, step-by-step sound setup

Alpine TuneIt App Support


Output power: 4 x 50 W high power amplifier

Advanced Power IC

Screen: 8-inch capacitive WVGA high resolution screen

White LED Backlight System

50/50 Split Screen: Left / Right Position Setting

Control type: Touch


Automatic change of settings for 2 users

Audiofilary design

3 Predictive (4V, Forward / Backward / Subwoofer)

AUX input: 1 A / V AUX input (3.5mm micro jack)

Functionality of remote control of the steering wheel

Vehicle Display Interface Ready (UART connection)

Remote control support

Navigation Guidance Mix

Camera Link & Embedded Control for Multi-View Camera

Setting the camera line

Running the rear camera screen automatically

Simple Mode & Info Mode selects the display

Visual EQ

Adjust contrast

Main menu language: 24 languages ??(for AV / Bluetooth), 29 languages ??(Navigation menu and voice guidance)


Automatic dimming

Security code against the burglars

Upgradable Firmware

Power Antenna Lead

Remote ignition

HDMI input (requires special Alpine HDMI connector)

The Start-Stop motor does not affect the operation of the unit

Optional DVD Player DVE-5300



Screen Size: 7-inch Capacitive WVGA

LCD Type: Transparent TN LCD

Operating system: TFT Active Matrix

Number of image elements: 1,152,000 pixels (800 x 3 x 480)

Illumination system: White LED backlighting

Effective number of image elements: 99.99%

Color system: NTSC, PAL


Max power at the exit

Maximum Output Power: 4 x 50 W


FM Receiver

Reception range: 87.5-108.0 MHz

Usable mono-sensitivity: 8.1 dBf (0.7 ?V / 75 ohms)

50 dB Muting Sensitivity: 12 dBf (1.1 ?V / 75 ohms)

Switch to alternative station: 80.0 dB

Signal / noise ratio: 65.0 dB

Stereo separation: 35.0 dB

Reception Level: 2.0 dB


MW receiver

Reception range: 531-1,602 kHz

Usable sensitivity: 25.1 ?V / 28 dBf


LW receiver

Receive range: 153 – 281 kHz

Usable sensitivity (IEC standard): 31.6 ?V / 30 dB


USB Requirements: USB 2.0

Maximum power consumption: 1,500 mA (CDP support)

USB class: Mass storage, playback from the device

File system: FAT 16/32

MP3 decoding: MPEG-1/2 AUDIO Layer-3

WMA decoding: Windows Media ™ Audio

AAC decoding: ACC-LC Format '' .m4a '' File

FLAC decoding

Number of channels: 2-channel (Stereo)

Frequency Response: 5 – 20k Hz ± 1 dB * Frequency Response may vary depending on the encoding / bit rate software

Fully harmonic distortion (at 1kHz): 0.008%

Dynamic range (at 1kHz): 95 dB

Signal / noise ratio: 100 dB

Channel Separation (at 1kHz): 85 dB


GPS / Glonass

GPS / Glonass compatible navigation antenna included



BLUETOOTH® Version: Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR

Output Power: +4 dBm Max. (Power class 2)

HFP: HFP (Hands Free Profile)

OPP (Object Push Profile)

PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile)

HSP (Head Set Profile)

A2DP: A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)

AVRCP: AVRCP (Audio / Video Remote Control Profile)

SPP (Serial Port Profile)


Adjust the sound

Adjusting the subwoofer level: 0 to +15

Subwoofer phase adjustment: 0 ° or 180 °

BASS ENGINE SQ: 5Mode, Level 0 to +6

High Tire Filter: 20/25 / 31.5 / 40/50/63/80/100/125/160/200 Hz

Slope Filter: Off / -6 / -12 / -18 / -24 dB / oct.

High Tone Filter (Gain): -12 to 0 dB

Low Tone Filter: 20/25 / 31.5 / 40/50/63/80/100/125/160/200 Hz

Slope Filter: Off / -6 / -12 / -18 / -24 dB / oct.

Low Tone Filter (Gain): -12 to 0 dB

Time correction: 0.0 – 9.9ms (0.1ms step)

Dual HD EQ Forward + Back

Parametric Equalizer (Band 1): 20 – 100 Hz

Parametric Equalizer (Band 2): 63 – 315 Hz

Parametric Equalizer (Band 3): 125 – 500 Hz

Parametric Equalizer (Band 4): 250 – 1k Hz

Parametric Equalizer (Band 5): 500 – 2k Hz

Parametric Equalizer (Band 6): 1k – 4k Hz

Parametric Equalizer (Band 7): 2k – 7.2 kHz

Parametric Equalizer (Band 8): 5.8k – 12k Hz

Parametric Equalizer (Band 9): 9k – 20k Hz

Parametric Equalizer (Gain): -14 to +14

Adjust the volume level: -14 to +14


Input Format 720p / 480p / VGA

Output Format 480p



Power Requirements: 14.4 V.DC (11-16V Permissible)

Pre-output voltage (before "clipping"): 4 V / 10k ohms

Maximum mounting angle: 30 °



Din Size: 1DIN Case and 7 "Capacitive Touch Screen

Housing dimensions (W x H x D) mm: 178 x 50 x 164 mm

Dimensions of the mask (W x H x D) mm: 170 x 96 x 17 mm