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Scorpion X – CAN Bus Immobiliser


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The Scorpion X-Series Is An Advanced CAN-BUS Immobiliser. Prevents Theft With Your Key or Keyless Entry System. Unique Vehicle Control Pin Code. read more


The Scorpion X-Series Is An Advanced CAN-BUS Immobiliser. Prevents Theft With Your Key or Keyless Entry System. Unique Vehicle Control Pin Code. read more
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£ 449


Scorpion X – CAN Bus Immobiliser

The Scorpion X-Series is the latest generation of CAN Bus Immobiliser to help protect one of your biggest owned assets. It is an Anti-Clone vehicle immobiliser system which prevents your vehicle from being stolen or moved unless a “Secret” Pin Code is entered via your standard factory controls. Until then your vehicle will not start or move. Preventing your pride and joy being driven away.

Modern day vehicles such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Ford have seen a big spike in thefts over the last few months. Every day it seems in the news or on Social Media that more and more high end vehicles are being stolen with and without the owners’ key. The videos at the bottom show how quickly a Brand new £60,000 BMW and a Mercedes were stolen using devices (As cheap as £80) that were bought online that allowed the hackers to drive away in under 60secs.

The Scorpion X protects your car from this type of theft and prevents key-cloning, hacking, and even if your key does get stolen from inside your home or pocket they can’t just drive it away. This system has no key-fobs or LED indications to give away its location or the fact that is actually installed. It uses the buttons in your vehicle such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or centre console, to allow you to make a unique, changeable, PIN code sequence that must first be entered before you can drive your car.

For the ultimate protection, this system can be installed at the same time as the Scorpion S7 or S5-VTS Tracking System

Top Features

Key Delay Defence
The X-Series prevents Key Relay theft where a criminal picks up the signal from your car key and uses a transmitter to make your car believe the key is present, opening the car and allowing the thief to start it.

Personal Security
The X-series uses a combination of buttons and switches in your car to enable/disable the immobiliser. You can choose any combination of buttons making it unique to yourself and your car.

High Level Protection

There is no need to remember to reactivate the system once you have completed your journey, once the vehicle has been turned off the system will automatically activate and start protecting the vehicle.

Vehicle Start Blocking
The Scorpion X System will in most cases prevent the starting of the engine unless the unique, user defined PIN code has been entered first. In some vehicles the system can prevent Gear Change, Stall the Engine on Start and Lock the Gearbox (Vehicle dependent).

Undetectable Using Diagnostics
A modern thief can use diagnostics to detect circuit cuts on modern vehicles. The Scorpion X has no circuit cuts so it cannot be found using these methods.

No Radio Frequency Signals
Thieves cannot use sophisticated RF scanning, code grabbing technology to detect what security device your vehicle has when it does not transmit any signals like conventional security systems.

CAN Data Network
The use of the CAN data bus has several advantages including low risk during installation, low probability of detection, and allows for placement almost anywhere in the vehicle.

Silent Operation
Because the unit communicates with the ECU on the databus to immobilise the vehicle there is no way a thief could listen for the tell-tale clicking of the traditional immobiliser relay.

Stops Key Cloning and ECU Swapping
A thief cannot simply add a new key or replace an ECU to bypass the Ghost and start the vehicle. Only a correct PIN code will allow the engine to start.

Service/ Valet Mode
You can simply set your Scorpion X into service mode which means if your are having your vehicle serviced or washed you can simply set it so they do not need to enter the code.

Please Note:

  • The price of £449 is for Supply and Installation of this system in your vehicle.
  • Some vehicles will also require a Relay installing at the same time to allow for immobilisation (For Example a lot of Fords). This is £50 to Supply & Fit when the Scorpion X is being installed.
  • Due to the Covert Install required for this device we can only offered Supply & Installation at our workshop here in Poole, Dorset. Once installed we’ll show you how the system works and how to change certain functions such as your unique vehicle pin, emergency override and valet mode.

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