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Smart 453 Ambient Light Cluster


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If you didn’t spec your Smart 453 with the Genuine Ambient Lighting System then you may find the cockpit of... read more

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£ 109


If you didn’t spec your Smart 453 with the Genuine Ambient Lighting System then you may find the cockpit of your car a bit dark when doing night-time driving. This isn’t a Genuine Smart accessory but one we have developed and worked out ourselves to offer you a subtle Red Glow in your car at night. This upgrade won’t light you up like Blackpool tower either. The resulting effect is very similar to seen in other vehicles such as Audi.

Using a Genuine Smart Replacement Interior Light Cluster we have installed a Dual LED Light Module that once integrated with your Illumination circuit will automatically turn on and off with your headlights. It results in a very OEM looking article.

As it’s a product that we’ve developed we’re offering it out as a DIY option with full Instructions and a video (Seen below) on how you can do all of this yourself. We would always however suggest Professional Installation where possible if you’re not confident in this sort of thing.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Smart Overhead Light Cluster with LED Module installed
  • 1x Wiring Loom (Already connected to the LED Module)
  • 1x Instruction (YouTube Video – See below)

Video Review & Installation:

Please Note:

  • As mentioned above this kit is designed to give you a nice subtle red glow without being too bright to help illuminate the interior of your vehicle whilst driving at night. As it’s difficult to get a picture of this at night we’ve added in a picture of the kit in action up against a piece of white paper in a dark environment. 
  • If you would like us to install this product then we can do this for £79