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Smart 453 Engine Panel Dynamat Kit


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  • Smart453_Dynamat_Engine_Noise_Heat2
  • Smart453_Dynamat_Engine_Noise_Heat3
  • Smart453_Dynamat_Engine_Noise_Heat4


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How To Reduce The Engine Noise & Heat In Your Smart 453 Using Dynamat Xtreme. Works In Any Smart Car... read more

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How To Reduce The Engine Noise & Heat In Your Smart 453 Using Dynamat Xtreme. Works In Any Smart Car or Renault Twingo!

So over on the Smart 453 Forum (Link above) we were asked how can we improve the engine noise and prevent excess heat coming through. We looked at a few different options and the Dynamat can help solve this as well as not breaking the bank. It’s also pretty simple and fun to install yourself!

We have done a few long journeys in our 453 recently of around an hour and can confirm the noise level is definitely lower and the amount of heat coming through the carpet has significantly been reduced.

You can install your Dynamat one of two ways. The first being like in the pictures and by doing it in sections or if you’re feeling lazy going for a full covering which will improve the noise and heat levels further. We’re also including the Smart Safety Stickers so you can stick these back on top for future reference.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Dynamat Sheet (457mm x 812mm – Just about big enough to cover the whole engine panel)
  • Smart Safety Sticker Pack (Includes two of the safety stickers. The other two are not available to purchase separately)

Installation and Review Video:

Please Note:

  • Whilst this Dynamat will help remove the excess heat and engine noise it will not totally remove it. 
  • The engine panel shown in the pictures is for representative use only and is NOT included with this kit.
  • Due to current Stock Issues it maybe that Dynamat isn’t possible to be sent so an equivalent Black Sound Deadening Sheet will be sent in it’s place

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1.0 kg