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Audi Cruise Control

Audi Cruise Control Retrofit Kit. Genuine Parts. Factory Integration. Please contact us for quote.

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Please note: The price of £249 is just a guide. Every car is different and requires different parts and (or) modules. If you would like this product installed in your vehicle then please get in touch with us directly using the Contact Button above to discuss costs. Please remember to provide us with your chassis number. This can be found at the front of your vehicle under your passenger side wiper in a small window.

The Audi Cruise Control System is particularly useful for those who do a lot of motorway driving. With the police increasingly targeting motorists it is a great way to stick within set speed limits and thus avoid fines from being caught out by speed cameras. The speed is regulated electronically and helps to make your journey more comfortable. The system is particularly useful through temporary roadworks with reduced limits for long stretches or to avoid fines from cameras that record your average speed over a long distance.

It’s really simple to set the speed that you would like to maintain, to accelerate or if you need to brake. If you lose or increase speed by over-riding the system it is easy to return to the last speed set once you have negotiated any obstacles in your path.

The system is operated using the controls on your multi use steering wheel where possible and all parts are original Audi parts. 

Top Features:

  • Set a selected speed.
  • Accelerate.
  • Decelerate.
  • Returning to the speed you last set.
  • Original Audi part.
  • 3 Years parts and labour warranty.


If you have an Audi A3 8V then please check the listing on the link below:

Audi A3 8V Cruise Control


If you want to see our recent review of this system when we fitted it along with how it all works then check out our video over on YouTube by Clicking Here now. This shows it working in an Audi Q5 but the principle of how it works is standard across the range.

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This equipment will need to be coded to your vehicle to ensure it works correctly. Please visit your local Audi Dealer or Audi Specalist if you do not have acces to the required coding equipment.